Check the Weather

Upon realizing I really had no plans for spring break and very little time to plan something, a few weeks ago when Ashley was staying with me in New York, she and I and my mom made plans to travel to Charleston for half of my break. I flew home to south Florida and enjoyed the sunshine state for a few days, then Ashley and I actually drove up from Tampa through northern Florida, past the coast of Georgia, and into South Carolina. The one thing I hadn't quite anticipated when I'd been packing in New York the week before, despite the heavy snowfall the Friday I left the city that caused a 4 hour delay on my flight, was the dramatically cold weather in Charleston. I'd packed almost entirely very springy clothes. Luckily, I did have a few pairs of longer pants and Ashley lent me this jacket of hers which wound up matching everything perfectly (gotta love how much navy gingham check J.Crew produces). 

Our first night in town, we checked into our Airbnb and then wandered around exploring the area a little before dinner. We walked past the market, tried some free samples of yummy praline, met some of the carriage horses at their stables near the market, then headed back to meet my mom for dinner at Zero George, a well known restaurant that I'd eaten at the last and only time I'd been to Charleston. I recalled the food being tremendous and creative, and though it was still delicious food this time, the service was downright terrible. It took over an hour to get us seated despite our reservations and still more time to get us our first dish, by which time we were already way too tipsy on the several drinks we'd sipped before the meal. I'm not sure if I can recommend Zero George after this experience because it was so wildly inconsistent with my last visit and though the food was good, the service can really make or break the meal. We hurried back to the townhouse we were staying in after dinner, shivering in the near-freezing cold, and prepared for an early morning the next day... 

Thanks Ashley for the photos!

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