Has Me in Stitches

Ashley wanted to explore more of the West Village and explore we did. I obviously had to take her to one of my favorite restaurants, by Chloe, a vegan wonderland that I probably eat at every other day, no exaggeration. We also stopped by the ridiculously popular Dō which serves edible cookie dough in a ton of awesome flavors. I was not all that interested in the line that stretches down the street every day (although Rory Gilmore would have been all over that beat) but I actually stopped by to see my friend Dina, who runs their social media. Dina was so sweet and brought Ashley and I a sample, which we proceeded to happily photograph and devour. And while we were standing there, guess who drove up in his Lexus with an entourage in tow to skip the line and get some dough? Usher (who hopefully would appreciate my sick rhymes)! We strolled past the cutest townhouses (including my favorite pink one) enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, ate lunch trendy at Cafe Cluny, and obviously needed to partake in the delicious Magnolia Bakery banana pudding. 

After a seriously eventful NYC morning packed with trendy eateries, a celebrity sighting, and stunningly warm spring weather, it was time to head uptown for more adventures. But at the end of the day, I will always be a downtown sort of girl.

Thanks Ashley for the photos! 

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