Jump Into Spring

On our first full day in Charleston, we wanted to see the neighborhood across the river from the Historic Downtown, called Mount Pleasant, so we got an early start and headed over there. We weren't entirely sure where to go, though, and after stopping at a Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and walking along the cold and windy beach at Sullivan's Island for a little while, we went into a Target to use the bathroom and happened to run into a really friendly local who complimented our outfits. It was all very serendipitous because she immediately knew where we meant when we said "we want to see the cute neighborhood area with the white picket fences," and she directed us there (thank you Target bathroom lady). So we wandered around that historic area of Mount Pleasant for a bit, stopping into some of the storefronts and grabbing some espresso to keep us going. The neighborhood was just as idyllic as you can imagine, with big beautiful southern homes with wraparound porches and huge old oak trees shading the paths, white picket fences delineating each home, and springtime flowers in bloom everywhere you turned. We spent maybe an hour or so just exploring before heading back downtown to meet my friend Louis, the blogger behind The Bowtie Gent, for lunch. If you have some time to explore while in Charleston, it may be worth checking out Mount Pleasant, which felt right out of a scene from Pleasantville

Thanks Ashley for the photos!

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