Understated Cool

Things to do while on winter break: be productive? Ha, no, don't be silly. Spend time goofing off with friends that you don't get to see very often? Yep, there you go, much closer guess. The options for a typical day here for winter break include working out in the morning, spending the day at the beach, and various forms of wandering around with friends, from shopping in Sarasota to dinner to heading to the movies. As far as it goes, not too bad.

(I wore a white long sleeved Tiger Mist wrap top, navy blue and white stripe Faithful the Brand wide-leg pants, white pointed-toe Aldo heels, a pink Kate Spade cross body purse, gold chain link JCrew bracelet, and a gold layered necklace from a boutique in NYC. Nick wore a navy blue Forever 21 varsity jacket over a white RL Rugby button down oxford, JCrew burgundy chinos, green and white Stan Smith Adidas sneakers, a green JCrew watch, and Warby Parker glasses.)

Thanks Tim for the photos!