Dreaming of A Pink Christmas

I love being home and getting a dose of the real world every once in awhile. New York City is quite literally another planet most of the time and every time I leave it feels like leaving a bubble, like my NYC life is some sort of dream. It's the best city in the world but sometimes it can really skew your perspective. But I get to come home to paradise, where I can drive out to the beach whenever I feel like it and I can eat a nice dinner overlooking a beautiful sunset on the water. I love being able to drive places -- and yes I drive like a crazy person but it's fine because so does everyone else down here. And I get to dress as preppy as I want and wear skirts and shorts year round because, hey, it's December and it's been in the 80s and sunny. But the set-back is that it just doesn't feel much like Christmas. It's hard to get in the spirit when it still feels like summer. Some of the ways I've been trying to get festive include baking for Christmas dinner, wearing as much red and plaid and fair isle as I can, blasting the Christmas tunes, watching Christmas movie classics (like Elf!), and reminiscing on holidays past. Here's to a wonderful holiday to you all, I hope you get all the gifts you desire, spend time with family and friends, overstuff on yummy holiday food, and remain content with all the wonder of the season. Merry Christmas! 

(I wore a Vineyard Vines pink and navy fair isle sweater over a blue pinstriped button-down from JCrew, a pink Amour Vert skater skirt, gold Asos pointed toe loafers, a pink statement necklace from Ann Taylor, and Alex + Ani bracelets.)