Cut From the Old School

Even though classes aren't the majority of my schedule anymore, I'm finally at a point where I'm in classes that I enjoy, classes that I am interested in. I'm taking Advertising and the professor is really interesting -- his dad was, as my professor described it, "an original Mad Man," and he himself now works at Publicis on some really big accounts like Charmin. I'm also taking The History of Neuroscience, which though it doesn't necessarily relate to my major is a really cool class. We're learning about the brain and the human understanding of ourselves throughout history. My last class is Environmental Systems Science, which I love because we are learning some of the building blocks for understanding sustainability, which I've always been passionate about. So even though I'm mostly working, the classes that I am taking finally feel like they're worth taking.

(I wore a Zara sleeveless sweater, plaid skirt from Anthropologie, white pointed toe Aldo heels, pearl necklace, Kate Spade gold bow earrings, and Morning Lavender bracelet.)

Special shoutout to the Tresemmé NYFW team for this awesome side braid! Every year for fashion week Tresemmé hosts a free 24 hour hairstyling service and it's so much fun to go get all styled up and fab!

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography