Come Rain or Shine

Go listen to the song L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and the Whale.

The way that song feels is how I feel right now. My semester is already flying by and I barely have time to write this, let alone reevaluate. But the weather is starting to turn and fall is setting in here in the big apple. It feels all at once like a lifetime since I've seen fall colors and like it was just yesterday, but really I'm a wholly different person than I was last year. I can't pinpoint the moment it happened, if there even is one, but somehow things seem so much better and so much more clear this year. It's been an upward battle but I'm doing so much better recently compared to the emotional wreck I was even so recently as a few months ago. I hope I'm not jinxing it by writing about it, but here's hoping some of this positivity will stick around for a bit, because, well, life goes on regardless. Maybe positivity isn't the right word, it's more of a neutrality. I'm just trying to worry less about it all, trying to find adventures, trying to enjoy the little things more and just get through one day at a time. Got more than money and sense, my friend, you got heart and you're going your own way. I'm going my own way.

(I wore a shimmery silver-black top from Zara, Zara black leggings, black strappy Vince Camuto heels, V layered necklaces from Forever 21, and Kate Spade clear crystal drop earrings.)

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography