Last of the Layers

Here's hoping that winter is coming to a close and spring is on its way. The weather has been so sporadic lately, sunny and bright one weekend to grey and snowy the next. It is impossible sometimes to predict how to dress, so layers become the best and only option. I have been very busy recently with a visit from my friends Jordan and Mckenzi and Sam last weekend and more schoolwork and ZTA events than I can count. As great as it is to keep busy I am counting the days to Spring Break -- I just have to plow through my midterm work and I'm home free. (I wore a Penfield navy jacket, a white North Face fleece, and a white Zara scarf over a Madewell oatmeal colored sweater, JCrew green plaid button down, Madewell jeans, navy LL Bean boots, JCrew camping socks, and a Target necklace.)

Photo credits: Lena Maio

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Quick shootout to my awesome friends that came to visit from Florida and Boston last weekend -- you are the best and I had so much fun!