Inspiration: Spring Trends

Black and White: This classic combination is such a refreshing look for spring, providing great pieces as a back drop for pops of color and Mondrian-inspired outfits. Black and white looks good with literally almost anything and can be dressed up, down, or however. Just be sure not to look like a referee or a prisoner with stripes gone wrong, try color blocking instead.

Sports-Inspired: That cute sports bra and mesh top combo you bought to impress at the gym, the one you rarely wear for fear of how it will look when sweaty? It's time to pull it out and go for comfort. Pieces this spring are all about comfort -- we're talking track pants and sneakers. Even if you didn't make it to the gym today, you can channel your inner athleticism.

Nautical: I have always loved nautical style, especially navy and white stripes. Scratch that, anything horizontally striped -- my closet is full of variants of stripes. One color I'm noticing a lot more of is yellow and let me tell you, I am fully underprepared, with a single yellow item to my name. However I take this as the perfect excuse to grab up some yellow to pair with my navy stripes, don't you think?

Pastels and Florals: Throwback to Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Well, sorry Miranda, but I personally love girly-girl, sickly-sweet fashion. No one looks bad in pale pink and florals make me want to frolic through a field and leave the city far behind. Nothing wrong with the usual spring trend -- it's as classy and feminine ever. 

Flare: Speaking of throwback, why not keep the reminiscence going with some 50s and 60s flare? Whether knee-length skirts or vintage inspired wide leg pants, from fit and flare dresses to peplum tops, flare is such a great trend to add depth and movement to any outfit and it's flattering to almost any figure!