A Quick Day Trip to the Hamptons

In my years of living in New York City, I had yet to venture out to the Hamptons. So when I was invited to some events one weekend this summer I readily accepted for a quick day trip adventure. My friend Marko and I woke up bright and early, ignoring the misty rain of an overcast morning, and headed uptown to the Jitney into Bridgehampton. The first event was a Crowns by Christy and Nine West brunch on outskirts of Bridgehampton, where we happily drank too much rosé, devoured the delicious food, and chatted up with tons of new friends. We ran into my friend Allie and soon realized she was going to the next event as well, so I asked (begged) her to drive us so that we wouldn't have to deal with the Uber. She graciously agreed and off we went, zooming around the Hamptons in the back of her Range Rover blasting whatever was on the radio. After a stop at the infamous Wölffer Wine Estate for some photos, we made our way to Southampton for another Crowns by Christy event, this time with Baublebar and Sugarfina. We got flower crowns, earrings, and little boxes of candy as we sipped more champagne and mingled. As we left the event, goodie bags from both in tow, Marko and I decided to just go spend the rest of the evening on the beach, so Allie dropped us off at the closest beach in Southampton. We chilled in the sand, sipping the moscato I'd brought with me, taking photos, and enjoying the lazy summer breeze as the sun went down. Finally it was time for dinner and we made our way into town at dusk, realizing almost every restaurant was entirely booked. We did find a place to eat finally and after a quick overpriced meal, just barely managed to call an Uber to the Jitney with what was left of my dwindling phone battery (cell service in the Hamptons is truly awful and kills your phone battery in no time with all of the searching for service, so go prepared with that in mind if you're heading there for the first time). The Jitney back was a half-asleep blur after a long and exciting day, but we finally arrived back in Manhattan and made it home in a daze. I'm now just looking forward to the next Hamptons adventure... 

Thanks Marko for the photos!


My pink gingham dress and button down maxi skirt are from Reformation

My navy high waisted swimsuit is from Wear Lively

My beige lace up sandals are from Olive & June

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