Who Runs the World?

I am always in search of great new brands that commit themselves to sustainability and ethical practices, so when I found Round Plus Square I was immediately excited. They have cute shirts, beautiful scarves, and fun statement pins, all of which are sustainably and ethically produced! And 30% of their profits are donated to Equality Now to fight for laws that defend women's rights around the world. Because girls just wanna have fundamental rights! #IWearCauseICare 

I get so sick of people turning the word "feminism" into some sort of dirty word. Feminism first and foremost means a belief that women deserve equal rights to those of men. If that's a dirty concept to you, then you may need to check your beliefs. I'm sure you have heard of things like the wage gap between genders, there are stories all the time on the news of discrimination and violence based on gender, and the sad truth of it is that too many women around the world have it so much worse. The situation in America is not great and is only getting more polarized since Trump took office, but we benefit from years of legislation that protect women in many situations. Though our laws are far from perfect (as is proven every time another rapist walks free or another woman is forced to return to work immediately after giving birth) they have been shaped by generations of women fighting to improve them. Other nations in the world do not have this basis and sexual violence and inequality persist all too commonly. Just like the women who came before us in America that spoke up and fought for our right to vote, our right to equal pay (we'll see someday), and so many other rights that we take for granted, it is our duty to speak up as well. And what better way to do so than to support an organization that works to change the very basis of society--the laws that govern it. Because who runs the world? Girls!