Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens

The largest imperial home of the Habsburg family is located slightly outside of Vienna, a taxi or metro ride away from the center of the city. Schönbrunn Palace is a sprawling estate, beautiful not only for the huge palace but also for its extensive gardens, in which you will find a zoo, multiple greenhouses, and maze after maze of winding, carefully planned plants. After doing the quick audio guide tour inside the palace (where you are not allowed to take photos), we wandered around the gardens, meandering our way to my favorite building on the premise from my last visit -- the Palmenhaus. It's a huge greenhouse surrounded by vibrant gardens and just looks so elegant and pretty. After the visit to Schönbrunn, we went back into the city center and walked around some of the main sites of Vienna, from the Volksgarten to the Jewish Quarter, where we stopped to have dinner at a great little restaurant called Ella's that had delicious Mediterranean cuisine. All in all a very successful day touring around the most beautiful city. 

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