Heading Downtown

I've been a little M.I.A. recently, in large part due to the move downtown and various travels. But here's the update: I'm moved into my place in the Financial District and I'm so thrilled! I'm living on the 44th floor overlooking the East River, my room is huge with a ton of closet space (SO necessary), I have my own bathroom, and I'm living with two of my lovely ZTA sisters and good friends. I've spent the past week ordering furniture and decor and slowly but surely unpacking boxes and exploring the area. I haven't spent a lot of time this far downtown before, but so far it's been great -- waterfront restaurants, rooftop bars, tons of great coffee places. One of the nicest parts of my building is the rooftop terrace that wraps around the building, it's a great place to study or just chill with friends. I can't wait to get more acclimated and back into the swing of things, though with only a few weeks of summer left I'm already feeling stressed about the stress that is sure to come with the start of the school year. Also, check out the view from my bedroom in this awesome panorama below.

(I wore a black v-neck cami from Topshop, ripped boyfriend jeans from Asos, Ralph Lauren sandals, and a layered V necklace from Forever 21.)

Thanks Lena for the photos!