Florence Diaries: Friends with the Locals

Things to do while in Santorini:

  • Make friends with the local dog and cat population
  • Chill on the terrace in the sun and curl up with a good book
  • Wander around Oia aimlessly 
  • Befriend the local wannabe punk-rocker guys
  • Don't get run over by the donkeys
  • Get blown away by the wind on one street, then turn a corner and it's gone
  • Take lots of photos, of course!
  • Don't be alarmed when the power goes out at dinner... Candlelight is romantic, right?
  • Hike down to Amoudi Bay and around the corner to a lovely swimming cove... Then hike back up the 200+ steps, ugh...
  • Turn a corner and suddenly you're on private property and being yelled at in Greek (walk quickly the other way)
  • Go taste some local wine -- Santorini is one of only two places that cultivate their grape vines in a basket formation 
  • Try not to fall on the cobblestone steps, trust me...
  • Crowd into the remains of the Venetian castle (along with throngs of other tourists) at sunset for some great views
  • Take it easy and enjoy...

(I wore a white lace blouse and army green high waisted shorts from Zara, brown Italian leather sandals made in Florence, a gold hamsa necklace from the Union Square Holiday Market, two globe necklaces bought at a local vendor in Mykonos, and carried my handy-dandy black and brown Longchamp backpack.)

Thanks Sarah for the photos!

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