Give It Some Flare

As much as I love jeans and leggings, I surprisingly try not to wear them too often and only own 2-3 pairs of each. When it comes to pants I’d rather wear a flattering pair of flared trousers most days—in my opinion just as comfortable and instantly more chic. I splurged a little on this green pair but they’re so wonderful that it was hands-down worth it and I’m tempted to get another, probably in pink. I also find myself buying a lot of wrap tops and dresses. It's definitely got something to do with how freaking flattering they are. By simply cinching at the waist and having these great v-necklines, I almost always like the way they look because they fit each person to their body with the adjustability of the style. This particular top is made even more fun with its ballooned sleeves, crop top length, and sustainable production. My nude pumps are also sustainably made from vegan leather. Eco-nerd Em loves finding these stylish pieces that aren't horrible for the environment like most fashion. 


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Wrap top is from Reformation.

Nude pumps are from VEERAH.