Long Hair Don't Care

So much of my identity traces back to my hair. I'm lucky to be blessed with thick, healthy hair that is textural enough that it's easy to style without being dry. But I do sometimes get bored. So when Irresistible Me offered for me to try their hair extensions I thought, sure, why not. I do miss how long my hair was several years ago and I've thought about getting extensions so this seemed like the perfect chance to try them out. 

Check it out: Irresistible Me

After a little bit of consideration, I chose the Silky Touch Extensions in Honey Blonde 18" 200g, which seemed like a good midrange option that wouldn't be too dramatic but still show a visible difference. I received my extensions and was excited at how natural they looked and felt. I didn't know anything about hair extensions but after watching a few video tutorials online about how to put them in, I started to get the hang of it. And I have to say I really like how they look. 

The color blends pretty well with my hair, slightly darker than my highlights but close enough to my natural hair color that it works. I would recommend for anyone considering color to go lighter than they think they may need because, as I have since learned from some video tutorials, it is easier to dye them darker than it is to dye them lighter without damaging them. 

As far as the pieces, I received a lot of hair -- in fact I still haven't quite been able to use all of the pieces at once, but the option is certainly there. The set came with: one large piece with 4 clips, two pieces with 3 clips, five pieces with 2 clips, and two pieces with 1 clip. The hair itself is 100% human hair (which, yes, is a little bit creepy to think about but it makes it look so much more natural of course) and is treated so that it will retain its luster and can be styled easily without being damaged. 

I went ahead and curled my extensions separately from my own hair just because I thought that would be easier, then I started clipping 'em in. The easiest method is to start from the bottom by clipping most of your hair up onto your head, leaving only a small bit to clip the extensions onto, then working your way up the hair section by section. One tip I found useful is that you want to clip the weft as close to your hairline as possible, this will be the least likely to show and will look the most natural. 

My first time wearing them out was during one of my days touring around Napa Valley this past weekend. At the end of the day, though they did look and seem natural, I just found myself uncomfortable. This could change over wearing them more but as it is I have a consistent habit both of running my fingers through my hair and of flipping my hair from one side to the other, both things I couldn't do with the extensions clipped in. I still need to experiment around with them but from a day of wearing them I can't say I can see myself wearing them too often. It was certainly fun to play around with how they looked, but the fact that I couldn't play around with my hair really bugged me. If that's not something that bothers you, though, then extensions may be right for you!

As far as the final look, well, I think they looked great, but you can see for yourself: