This Provençal Life

After flying into Paris from JFK on an overnight flight, I met up with Ashley (History in High Heels) and we headed straight off to the south of France. We drove about 8 hours to Saint-Remy-de-Provence where we promptly scavenged the town upon arrival for any place that was still open after 10:00 at night, finding only a sketchy pizza and kebab joint that we readily accepted before passing out. Our hotel was situated around an adorable little courtyard tucked away in an unpretentious alley. The exterior appears quaint but the rooms were modern and newly renovated. We awoke bright and early, a long day ahead searching the countryside for beautiful lavender and quaint hilltop towns. First stop on the drive was the Senanque Abbey, where we battled swarms of other tourists for a good spot to photograph the lavender fields. We started a trend when we hopped underneath the ropes around the largest field and quickly snapped some photos between the rows of lavender leading up to the abbey. By the time we climbed back under the ropes, at least 5 other groups had done the same and we rushed off before we could get yelled at. 

After the abbey, we drove through small backroads until stopping for lunch in Gordes, the cutest little medieval hilltop village. We explored a little around the cobblestone streets, me hobbling around in my walking boot ever the invalid, perused a few little boutiques, and split a yummy meal of local fish and a strawberry-apricot dessert concoction. Spoiler alert, I've been trying to take the boot off as much as possible for photos. I can't let a little broken foot ruin my aesthetic, right? ;)

Leaving Gordes, we continued to hop from quaint medieval town to town (including Banon and Sault), stopping whenever we saw a beautiful lavender field to photograph (and there were plenty). Our final stop before making our way back to the hotel was Valensole, often toted as the prettiest spot to photograph the fields. The main problem here was that apparently everyone and their mom had also heard that this was the best spot because the fields were flocked with tourists and the route littered with cheesy-feeling souvenir markets. But on the up side we found a sunflower field which we'd been hoping for all day! After the long day, we trekked home, ate some dinner, and fell easily to sleep. 

I wore this gorgeous off shoulder white dress from my current favorite retailer, Reformation. Every product is sustainable and so trendy -- I honestly wish my whole wardrobe was made up of Reformation and Amour Vert everything. The dress was perfect for even this busy day, the fabric perfect for the summer and the flowy skirt long enough to be comfortable but not so long that it dragged along the ground. 

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