Year In Review 2016

It's been a hell of a year, huh? Through all of the highs and lows of 2016 I will be the first to say I am ready for it to be over. After a few weeks in French Polynesia, I landed back in NYC to be welcomed by a blizzard. I then spent most of my spring semester continually sick, even winding up in the hospital in February. Once the spring semester was finally over and summer plans were made, I broke my foot on June 1, thus condemning me to a cast and then a walking boot for the rest of the summer. I was glad to have a great schedule for the fall semester of all classes that I really liked, however I did have to take 5 classes which made the workload more intense. But despite making some great new friends in a few of my classes and the fall semester going fairly well, we all know the huge insanity that occurred in November that will likely mar the world for decades to come... It felt like every time I thought "This year couldn't possibly get worse" the universe took that as a challenge, replying something along the lines of "You a'int seen nothing yet." 2016 was really just full of extremes -- some of the worst lows juxtaposed with some pretty great experiences. Yeah I was sick a lot this spring but the downtime allowed me to make some awesome new friends and get myself more focussed. Sure, I broke my foot, but it actually was a less serious fracture than the original diagnosis and I was still able to trek around Europe for a month in July wearing a walking boot. Maybe I didn't get the dream job I wanted due mostly to bad timing, but at least I made some great connections in the process of applying and interviewing for it. As much as there were some disappointments they were all evened out remarkably well by other great times. So I'm going to be looking on the bright side for 2017 because really, where else can we go but up? I'm not one for making resolutions or anything like that but if I were to sum up my goal for 2017 it would be that I want to be a more active participant in not only my own life, but in the goings on of society. I do not want to be a passive observer, watching the news wondering how things happen the way they do. If 2016 has taught us anything it is that passivity is not a viable option. If you want to make a difference you have to get out and do something about it. 

But in the interest of keeping this lighthearted, here's a look back on some bloopers and outtakes of me being clumsy and/or a dork and/or as lame as ever over the past year or so. Hope you enjoy and hope you have a very happy New Year!!