My Favorite Spots in NYC

I recently did a quick Q&A on my Instagram stories which, in addition to being a fun way to procrastinate, wound up giving me some good insight into the types of things you would like to know more about. One of my favorite questions was seemingly so simple--what are some of your favorite spots in NYC? Once I started thinking about it I realized I definitely do have favorite spots that I tend to frequent. So I thought I'd go ahead and share them here...



The West Village

As far as my favorite spots in NYC, the West Village is a pretty cliché choice--but it's so popular for good reason! 


Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park will always feel a little like home for me having spent so many years there while attending NYU. I think it would be one of my favorite parks in the city anyways because I love the neighborhood, the vibe of the people that hang out there, and it's one of the prettiest parks in my opinion. 


Battery Park City

I love the area downtown in and around Battery Park City, especially when the weather is nice. You can shop at Brookfield Place, sit by the marina and watch the boats in the harbor, stroll along the riverside as kids play in the well-manicured parks. It feels very clean and shiny most of the time. It's also one of my favorite places because it's one of the largest environmentally responsible developments in the world. 


The Mall in Central Park

When thinking of my favorite spots in NYC, of course Central Park has to make the list. But of the various areas within the park, I think the Mall--the tree lined pathway leading up to Bethesda Terrace and Fountain--is the best. 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art


5th Avenue (below 23rd St.)

My favorite place to shop in the city is along the stretch of 5th Avenue south of 23rd St! It has most of my favorite stores like Club Monaco, Anthropologie, Aritzia, etc., and it's so much less crowded than other shopping areas like SoHo and 5th Ave. uptown. When I used to live close by I enjoyed spending hours wandering in and out of the stores then walking down 5th until it dead ends into Washington Square Park. And when it's open, I always stop by the Union Square Greenmarket, if only to grab a snack or a few free samples. 


Top of the Rock

The top of Rockefeller Center is hands down the best view in the city (of those accessible to the public). 


The Conservatory Garden in Central Park

Another favorite spot in Central Park lies all the way at the north east corner, right before the park ends and Harlem begins. The Conservatory Garden is the only formal garden in the park and it's especially beautiful in the spring with heaps of colorful tulips and rows of pink cherry blossom trees! 


The Dumbo Waterfront


The Brooklyn Botanical Garden (and Prospect Park)