The 11 Best Coffee Shops in NYC

Whenever I need a caffeine buzz (and let's face it, that's often) I head to any of my favorite coffee shops throughout NYC. Though you can find extensive lists that detail all of the coffee options, here I'm narrowing it down to the 11 best coffee shops in NYC. Because there are sooooo many better options than Starbucks. 


Bluestone Lane

Multiple Locations: 90 Water Street (FiDi), 30 Broad St (FiDi), 30 Carmine St (West Village), 55 Greenwich Ave. (West Village), 51 Astor Place (East Village), 1114 6th Ave (Midtown), 805 3rd Ave (Midtown), 400 Madison Ave (Midtown), 1375 Broadway (Midtown), 11 Times Square (Midtown), 435 W 31st St (Midtown), 2 E 9th St (Upper East Side), 55 Prospect St (Brooklyn)

Absolutely one of my all time favorite coffee shops, I frequent Bluestone Lane like it's no one's business. Not only is the coffee at this Australian joint the bomb dot com, they have really delicious food like the avocado toast. Each location has different food offerings, for example the ones near where I live downtown and the one across from Bryant Park I ate at almost every day for my lunch break when I worked nearby earlier this year. These have only the toasts in addition to the drinks. The one in the West Village on Greenwich Ave is likely my favorite because it has a full menu and tons of delicious options. I highly recommend my favorite: an iced soy dirty chai latte. And yes I even order it in the winter, it's that good. 


La Colombe

Multiple Locations: 67 Wall St (FiDi), 319 Church St (Tribeca), 75 Vandam St (Tribeca), 154 Prince St (SoHo), 270 Lafayette St (SoHo), 400 Lafayette St (NoHo), 601 W 27th St (Chelsea), 1045 6th Ave (Midtown)

Ironically enough as I write this post, I must confess that I don't really love taste of coffee. I've learned to drink it and I often prefer it mixed in drinks like a dirty chai latte (AKA a chai latte with a shot of espresso). However, I love the coffee at La Colombe. It's creamier and less bitter and hard to describe, but this is how coffee was meant to taste. 



Multiple Locations: 239 Centre St (SoHo), 211 W Broadway (Tribeca)

You can rank this under one of the prettiest coffee shops because the aesthetic is off the charts. Cute patterned cups, tiled floors, rustic wood and marble tables, flowers everywhere... It's an Instagrammers paradise. It certainly doesn't hurt that the coffee and food is really delicious as well.  


Two Hands NYC

Multiple Locations: 251 Church St (Tribeca), 164 Mott St (Lower East Side)

I remember going to the first location on the east side years ago and though it was good, I didn't think much of it. It's the newer location that makes Two Hands one of my favorite go-to places. It's bright and lively, has delicious food, and the yummy coffee tastes awesome with their incredible banana bread. Trust me--get the banana bread. 


Toby's Estate Club Monaco

Location: 160 5th Ave (Flatiron) 

One of my absolute favorite shops in the 5th avenue Club Monaco, not only because I love the brand, but because I love walking through the coffee shop, flower shop, and book shop that are attached. After shopping for chic deals at Club Monaco, I'll grab a new book from The Strand, admire the trendy floral arrangements, then chill for awhile by the window with a cup of Toby's Estate coffee and a pastry. It's a truly perfect well-rounded experience if you ask me.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Location: 30 W 8th St (Greenwich Village)

When I went to NYU and was on campus more frequently, I would stop by Stumptown for a quick coffee or for coffee meetings. The coffee itself is a little too strong and bitter for me but I like it in a cappuccino and I like some of the food they offer. It's a really cute corner location with nice outdoor seating so it's a viable option when nearby. 


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Black Fox

Location: 70 Pine St (FiDi)

I recently found this place that I've been living near for over two years and despite how crowded it sometimes gets, they have really exceptional coffee and great food selections. Sometimes I'll go for lunch and sometimes I'll just grab a quick coffee on the go. Be sure to check the hours though as they cater very much to the work crowd and aren't open late on weekends. 


Little Collins

Location: 667 Lexington Ave (Midtown East)

I discovered Little Collins last year when I worked nearby, a cute little cafe in the midst of the grimy wasteland that is midtown. I wound up going there often for cappuccinos and lunch quite often. Though it gets super crowded during the work week, if you go at an off time or on the weekends you can snag a spot by the window to enjoy. 


Gregory's Coffee

Multiple Locations throughout the city, some of my frequented are: 100 Wall St (FiDi), 649 Broadway (Greenwich Village), 20 E 40th St (Midtown)

Gregory's is a chain, yes, but they really do make consistently good coffee and whenever I'm nearby looking for a quick coffee to go, I'll choose Gregory's over any other options. 


Sant Ambroeus

Multiple Locations: 265 Lafayette St (SoHo), 259 W 4th St (West Village), 1000 Madison Ave (Upper East Side)

While not explicitly a coffee shop, they do have really good coffee and pastries and will happily give you a cute orange to go cup to take on your way. 


Joe & The Juice

Multiple Locations throughout the city, some of my frequented are: 67 Wall St (FiDi), 67 Spring St (SoHo), 286 Madison Ave (Midtown)

In addition to their yummy fresh juices and delicious sandwiches, the coffee is awesome and the atmosphere is also great with loud trendy music and an energetic vibe. I get really excited whenever I go there and I was so pumped when they just opened a new location downtown which will essentially be taking so much of my money it's not even funny.