A 48 Hour Guide to Lisbon

Lisbon felt like European version of San Francisco, complete with steep hills and a Golden Gate Bridge of its own that was gifted to the city by the U.S. As a photographer, I found Lisbon so picturesque and interesting, with many varied styles from one area of the city to the next. 

Day 1: 

  • Take a tuk tuk tour around the city, if you hire your own you can choose where you want him/her to take you and it's much faster than walking and you'll get guided information about the city as you
  • Begin the day in Belém grabbing breakfast at the infamous Pastéis de Belém where you have to try the pastéis de nata, an egg custard tart that only a few bakers know the recipe for
  • Stop by the Jeronimos Monastery, though you will not have time to see the whole thing, you can stop in the chapel where the line is usually shorter
  • Head to the nearby Belém Tower to see the site and snap some photos
  • Stop at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos the monument dedicated to Portuguese exploration 
  • Drive to the other side of town to see the cute Alfama neighborhood, where you can take in the colorful streets and try the Ginja local cherry liquor
  • Be sure to see one or two of the viewpoints over the city, like Miradouro Das Portas Do Sol, Miradouro Da Graca, or Miradouro Da Nossa Senhora Do Monte
  • Grab lunch at the Time Out Market near the Praça do Comércio and then stop by the plaza for a photo, though the area is very touristy 
  • If you feel like walking towards the Bairro Alto, you will find some cute boutiques and trendy restaurants along the main street
  • You must make a trip to the Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora, my favorite site I saw in Lisbon, where you get a beautiful view of the city from the roof of the main building and you can see one of the largest collections of azulejos tiles in the world. It is best later in the day when the light gets nice. 

Day 2: 

Lisbon Map:

**This guide is based on research that I did to plan my trip to Lisbon and based on my own experiences while there. Of course, two days in any place does not make me an expert, and I would love to hear any and all additional suggestions so that I may add them to the guide.