A View of Ciudad de Mexico

On Monday, we visited the ancient pyramids at Teotihuacan, but more on that later. On Tuesday, Carla and I both had a lot of work to do and Carla had a Skype interview that afternoon, so we spent the morning exploring and the afternoon being relatively responsible.

We visited one of the main sites in the city, the Castillo de Chapultepec, to take in the great views and to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the castle that has served various purposes from an imperial residence to an observatory. All of the placards were in Spanish but from what I gathered the palace had been built in stages since the colonial period and even before that the hill it is on was an Aztec sacred site. The courtyard areas and the style looked very Moorish, reminiscent, according to Carla, of Madrid. 

After the castle, I was craving more of those delicious churros, so we headed to another outpost of Churreria El Moro, this time in La Roma district. Carla split the bag with me so I didn't over eat and then we grabbed some lunch nearby at -- before returning to getting our work done, or at least some of our work. 

For dinner, we met Carla's cousin and some friends at Gin Gin, a bar not far from where we were staying. The ambiance was so trendy at this garden bar and though it was raining and the roof was covered, there was still a vibe with palm plants and vines on the walls. Surprise surprise that the drink of choice here is served with gin, but since I've never liked the stuff I stuck with my usual rum cocktails and was not disappointed. We all split some food like a margherita pizza and some salad and it was delicious, then we spent hours sipping our drinks and chatting amongst the group. It was easily one of my favorite spots that we tried while there. 

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