Take A Swing At It

One of those iconic things to do (do it for the 'gram, am I right?) when in San Francisco is to get the photo on the rope swing overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. So, of course, Caity and I were down for the hiking involved -- despite that fact that we had no idea how much hiking would be involved. Our Uber driver dropped us off on the side of the road in the cliffs way above the bay and we trekked down, down, down to Kirby Cove. When we arrived, wouldn't you guess it? The swing was broken... If that wasn't just our luck I don't know what is. We made the best of it though and I managed to swing on the little piece still left while Caity, in a dress, swung by her arms as best as she could. We still got some fun photos and had a really wonderful time hiking around in the fresh coastal air that sunny morning. It wasn't overly hot, the way Florida gets with the sticky humidity, but a dry sort of 70 degrees and just overcast enough to make it ideal. After we hiked back to the road we grabbed another Uber, this time into Sausalito, the cute town across the bay from SF. Several people recommended it and boy did it not disappoint. It was an adorable area of boutiques and wine shops and great restaurants over the water. We did a wine tasting at one of the shops, stopped in a couple of boutiques, then grabbed lunch at Scoma's which had deliciously fresh seafood. I got the crab spaghetti and ate every bite. I'd earned it with all that hiking, don't you think? It was a lovely West Coast day.

Thanks Caity for the photos of me! And for more of my photography, like the photos of San Francisco you see here, check out www.emilybyrski.com

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