Sunset Sail in San Francisco Bay

"A sailor's sky made a perfect sunset, and that's a day I'll never forget..."

That song was stuck in my head the whole time we were on this lovely sunset cruise excursion... We'd booked the sail for my last night in San Francisco. The day was foggy and muggy so when we arrived at the pier to go out, we honestly didn't have the highest expectations. Yet in a grand stroke of luck and maybe the universe's way of saying, "Sorry, you deserve something good after all your weird bad luck," right as the boat rounded the corner to leave the marina, the blue sky started to peek through the gloom. Before we knew it, the wind was catching the sails, edging us quickly into the harbor, and blowing away all of the fog. In fact we could not have asked for a more beautiful evening and Caity and I brimmed with the calm that comes with being out on the water. We snapped a million and one photos, sipped on our complimentary Pinot Grigio, and laughed about the events of the previous 24 hours. It's hard to stay upset when you're rocking with the waves next to sea lions and watching the sun disappear behind the Golden Gate Bridge in such a glorious gold haze. 

I cannot recommend this sailboat excursion highly enough. We went with San Francisco Sailing Co. and it was only $60 for the 2 hour cruise and 2 glasses of wine!! Literally such a steal! If you're in the area anytime soon or even if you live there, definitely look into this. 

Thanks Caity for the photos of me! And for more of my photography, like the photos of San Francisco you see here, check out

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