On Top of the World

To no surprise, this semester has been so busy, but it has me feeling on top of the world in a lot of ways. I'm wrapping up my college experience taking only two classes, both of which I love, and two awesome internships, both of which are going really well. I passed my Colloquium to graduate which was insanely stressful, I've been applying to jobs left and right, and I'm planning some fun trips here and there. I'm trying to keep up with my self proclaimed motto: I'd rather be busy than bored. 

I have so many mixed feelings about New York City, though. This place has become my home and I really consider myself a New Yorker after four years of living here. I speed past people on the sidewalks at a brisk clip that says "leave me alone," I know the subway map almost by heart, I know which restaurants are the best and which are overrated, which places have come and gone, and I've even started to know my way around the confusing streets of the village without checking my phone maps. I get more annoyed by movie sets blocking my path than excited, I sit next to celebrities at dinner and run into them at Sweetgreen and do little more than politely smile, I have favorite bars that I frequent, and I know so many people here. Yet despite all of my connections to NYC and my deep love for this city that I've had since I was a child, I'm not sure whether the best option for me will be to stay after graduation. I've already started looking at jobs in Los Angeles and San Francisco and even considering London or Paris. As much as NYC is the best city in the world and always will be, I've reached a point of familiarity that I'm tempted to break out of. I get bored way too easily and I tend to fall into routine way too easily and I don't want to feel like I haven't explored all of my options. So who knows what will happen this year. It's a year of huge changes and it's honestly so strange having literally no idea where I will be or what I will be doing even by this summer. But despite the uncertainty I'm thrilled for the next chapter to come and I'm trying to savor every moment of NYC that I can because who knows what the future will bring. What are your favorite things to do/see/eat in NYC? Send me suggestions so that I can try it all! And if you're curious about my favorite New York haunts, check out my NYC Guide tab, which even includes a map of all the places I've highlighted! 

Thanks Ashley for the photos!

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