Faux Sure

After work last week (I am currently interning at AFAR Media), I was asked to help setup an event in Chelsea that was being cohosted by AFAR and Cloudy Bay Winery. Of course, it's a crazy small world, I was just at Cloudy Bay last month during our trip to New Zealand so this party certainly came full circle. It was being held at the beautiful Glasshouses event space which has the most incredible view. The same night was also Ashley's first evening in the city, so she wound up meeting me at the event and we enjoyed the sunset while sipping Cloudy Bay wine before heading dinner at one of my favorite NYC Italian restaurants, Gradisca. What a lovely start to the weekend. My one regret was wearing such a warm outfit because it was surprisingly nice outside and I spent most of that day overheated. But at least I got to wear this adorable vest that I got on sale recently, which is faux fur, of course. As a vegetarian and and all around animal lover I could never condone wearing real fur, not to mention the whole concept skeezes me out. When there are faux alternatives this good, why would I need the real thing? 

Thanks Ashley for the photos!

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