All for One and One Floral

On our day of plantation hopping, we first visited Middleton Place, which spurred some deeper thoughts about the history that was being presented to visitors there. Our second stop of the day, however, was McLeod Plantation, and we were pleased to find that they offered a much clearer and less biased view of the slave history and seemed to be interested in educating visitors about each aspect of plantation life, the good and the bad. It is likely due to a difference in ownership of the two properties, one having been bestowed to a public trust and the other still within the descendants of the Middleton family. Other than its better presentation of history, the McLeod Plantation was a much smaller property and really just a quick half and hour stop, but the house itself is stunning especially with the oak tree lined path leading up to its big white porch. I had chosen to stop here after seeing photos of that oak lined drive as my absolute dream home would be a huge southern style white house with a wraparound porch and an oak lined driveway. I've always really loved that image in my mind of the ideal house and McLeod reminded me of that in many ways. It's definitely worth a visit to this gorgeous home!

Thanks Ashley for the photos!

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