Over the Hump

How it is already March?! I'm halfway done with the semester... and that means I'm closer and closer to graduating... Am I at all, in any way, ready to graduate? No, not in the slightest. There are less than 100 days until commencement and I'm so unprepared. And yet I'm entirely prepared and there isn't much more that college can teach me. So I'm somewhere in between this limbo of not wanting to go into the real world and being so excited to be finally done with school. But I'm over the hump in the sense that I'm steadily getting more excited and less nervous. Now if only I'd applied to any jobs thus far... 

In the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous camel coat, which is currently on sale. I'd been searching for the perfect camel coat for awhile now and when I stumbled upon this one from a recommendation of a friend, I had to have it. It definitely helped that I got it at a significant discount, but either way I've been wearing it with everything lately. Such a chic and classic style that is sure to last for years. 

Thanks Caity for the photos!

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