Neck and Neck

By far one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York has to be the West Village. And if you know New York, you know it has a tendency for consistent change -- the most fascinating dualism. So even though I lived in the village for two years and I'm back there all the time for classes and for exploring, I feel like I always find something new and wonderful. The latest new find is this adorable cafe that just opened called While We Were Young. The decor of tufted pink velvet, marble tabletops, and a stunning blue bar is something out of my dreams. But it doesn't stop there -- they don't rely on their good looks like some places might, no, they actually serve incredibly delicious food and drinks. Their signature cocktail washes down the kale eggs Benedict with truffle salt like they were a match made in heaven. I would have happily spent all day lounging there and people watching, but alas Ashley and I had a lot to do and see during her visit. After brunch, it was time to explore some more, and we wandered around downtown stopping by tons of trendy spots before heading back to my apartment when it started to downpour later that afternoon. 

Thanks Ashley for the photos!

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