Fire with Fire

I got this gorgeous striped knit dress recently and styled it with a blazer for a chic wear-to-work outfit. As my friend Katie and I were photographing, we decided to use a fire station's red garage doors as a background. But as I was twirling around like a dork, trying to show off the skirt of the dress, one of the firemen walked out to take out some trash to the curb and saw our shenanigans and started chatting with us. He asked if we'd like to come in and take some photos with the fire trucks and we excitedly said sure. So he opened the garage doors and we started taking photos, though as he was standing there I asked him to join in some of the photos as well since he was so nice to us. And before long, the rest of the fireman in the station walked out to the front and they all started talking to us about the photos and the blog and they let us climb up into the truck and try on the helmets. I felt a lot like a kid at some sort of school trip demonstration, but I didn't mind because I was too excited about climbing into a FDNY firetruck to worry about it. I mean, how often does one get that chance? So thank you to the firemen of the FDNY Engine 24 Ladder 5 Battalion 2 off of Houston Street for not only your incredible service to the city fighting fires, but also for your friendliness to two random girls you just met! 

Thanks Katie for the photos!

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