A Touch of Pink

I didn't grow up with much of a fall/winter wardrobe because I never needed it. Rather, I owned every color plastic flip flop they made at Old Navy... I'm not exaggerating, I had every color. But over the past four years I've learned the art of layering and I've built up a more substantial cold weather collection. I try to maintain a chic and classy aesthetic even when I'm freezing, so pieces like cropped sweaters, statement blouses, and a comfortable pair of wide leg pants get worn and reworn over and over again. Pro tip: I often layer leggings underneath my wide leg pants for extra warmth. When I was packing for Paris I wound up with a sort of color scheme without even meaning to: black and white with a touch of pink. It definitely makes packing easier when your pieces all coordinate nicely.

I ordered this outfit last minute just for Paris and absolutely adore the way the look turned out. I love when an outfit looks more expensive than it actually is. A dramatic ruffled top with contrast detail, flared polka wide leg pants, and a chic overcoat in a trendy pink color—all of these items could cost hundreds of dollars and seem designer (a similar pair of pants is retailing at over $1,300...yikes). But everything I’m wearing is actually quite reasonably priced in comparison!

What's your favorite wardrobe color scheme? 

Thanks to HLV Photography for the photos!


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