Early Bird

I am certainly not a morning person as most of my friends know... In fact I have an uncanny ability to sleep through my alarms for hours—I don’t even hit snooze I just don’t hear the alarms because I’m so deeply asleep and they continue to go off. It’s a miracle I don’t miss more appointments. I tend to be a total night owl though and I could be in a daze all day but as the sun goes down I start to focus a lot better and I'll be up all night working until 3 or 4 A.M. The severe insomnia doesn't help either, but oh well. 

It's a bit of a struggle when my friends are early risers and though I'm obviously capable of getting up earlier and I really do appreciate the benefits of being the first one up, it doesn't make me any happier about it. I'll easily admit that I prefer sunrise to sunset, especially for photos, and I would love to be the type of person who leaps out of bed, gung-ho and ready to start a new day. But alas when I wake up it's best to stay out of my way because I'm mainly just grumpy and want nothing more than to be back in bed. The absolute last thing I want is to see a cheery smile and a friendly greeting. I'm not ready for cheery until noon, at the earliest. 

From traveling together and staying together a lot over the past year, Ashley has definitely been witness to my horrible sleep habits and angry morning demeanor. But she still pushes me to get up so that we can get good photos, like these on the Brooklyn Bridge. Begrudgingly, I let her and thank her later. It felt a little funny walking to the bridge in this extravagant pink dress so early in the day, but it was worth it to get some shots without people and with that gorgeous lighting. We weren't the only ones there, either. We passed two different bridal shoots, a group of what looked like art students, and tons of other tourists who'd gotten there to avoid the crowds. 


What do you think--are you more of an early bird or a night owl?


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