Bonjour New York!

Our society's obsession with French culture is fascinating to me. Don't get me wrong, I have it too, and I'll happily devour baguettes, wear berets, and feel sophisticated when I say words like salade niçoise and joie de vivre. But it is an interesting and complicated history question--why do we idolize French culture and look down upon others? Though I know the general answer from years of studying these histories through lenses of subjects like fashion and capitalism, it is still baffling to me sometimes. And here I am, despite knowing how conditioned I am to do so, getting so hyped about the new Sézane store in Nolita because it feels like a little corner of Paris in the heart of Manhattan. And after New York, Paris is a close second for my favorite cities. I'm such a cliché, I know. 


What other cultures are you fascinated by?


My sweater and boots are from Sézane.

My pants are old from Madewell, similar here and here.