How Do You Say...

How do you say, “I’d rather be in Paris”? The last time I was in Paris was briefly last summer and even limping around in a walking boot with a recovering broken foot, it was still one of the most magical cities in the world. It’s such a cliché but I just love French culture, from the chic fashion to the crunch of fresh baguettes to the exaggerated pretension of the French people and the sound of words like “pardon moi” and “s’il vous plaît.” I know, I’m such a stereotype and in all fairness I love learning about pretty much any other culture, but I’ve certainly fallen into the particular fascination with France that’s so popular in America.

Fun fact: Ashley and I have several running jokes from our time in France last year, one of which is saying "how do you say" before words we clearly know how to say. This is in reference to a hilarious YouTube show that I was reminded of while we were there and now quote incessantly. 


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