She Wore Pink Velvet

My current obsession, you may notice if scrolling down the blog, is pale rosy pink. I've always led a very pink lifestyle though I've moved a little away from the bright hot pinks towards the more subtle rose tones that have been so trendy of late. You can imagine my instant need for pink velvet when fall and winter rolled around and multiple retailers started to release products in the soft rosy fabric. I ordered these loafers almost immediately upon seeing them on the Steve Madden Instagram and then the off shoulder top a few weeks later online from Topshop. It's such a wonderful change from the deep jewel colors that tend to dominate the colder month's fashion options. Don't get me wrong, I love emeralds and garnets, but pink will always hold the highest allure. Rose pink is enough color to not be boring but light enough to not be overwhelming, matches just about everything, can be dressed up or down, and is perfectly feminine and glamourous. I just cannot get enough. 

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