Transitional Plaid

Last weekend was spent with a wonderful group of old and new friends. It started Thursday night with dinner with my little, Mary Margaret, followed by drinks at a speakeasy and dancing with my long time bestie, Rory. Friday was hectic as I jumped from various appointments during the day to greeting my cousin who had just arrived to the city to an evening of photographing on an incredible rooftop with my bud Reed, to a fun pre-birthday dinner at The Dutch, to rooftop drinks at Jimmy with a huge group of friends. Saturday was unexpected as I wound up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where Reed was house sitting a huge townhouse for his friends. It was a day of photographing amongst a group of fellow creatives and a wonderful squad of new friends. Other than Kate and Reed, I hung out with Igee, Charles, and Marko, as everyone had gathered to shoot for Marko's brand Ian Marko. After spending the day around the townhouse, we ventured out that evening to dinner, then found ourselves back at the house chatting in a hot tub amongst other shenanigans. Sunday I woke up late then met up with Reed, Igee, and Marko again in the afternoon, when we wandered around Lower Manhattan enjoying hours of deep conversation and a beautiful evening on the Hudson at Grand Banks. All in all it was such a perfect way to spend the last weekend of summer before the fall brings about new waves of stress. 

Thanks Reed and Igee for the photos!

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