End of Summer

I honestly cannot believe the summer is over and that tomorrow will be my actual last first day of school, ever... I'm in a state of utter shock. It all flew by so quickly. As for the summer, I got to finish off my last weekend with some wonderful experiences. Catching up with old friends, connecting with new friends, and looking forward to some amazing opportunities just on the horizon. As for college, I'm not entirely sure it isn't a mistake that I'm a senior, yet at the same time I'm so ready to be done. Part of me is still a confused freshman but I've grown so much over these past few years in ways I never could have anticipated. I never would have thought I'd be where I am and in a way this makes me equal parts nervous and excited for the next chapter to come. One thing I know for sure is that I could never have done it on my own and I'm so lucky for the incredible people in my life that keep me motivated, who call me out when I'm being stubborn, who roll their eyes at my occasional self-deprecation, who are always up for new adventures, and who constantly push me to be better. For those people who have stuck with me, thank you, and for those that haven't, I also thank you because you've only made me stronger. Here's to another eventful semester!  

hanks Reed and Igee for the photos!


Dress: Julie Brown NYC

Earrings and Bracelet: Loren Hope courtesy of Rocksbox