Burgundy (Not Just the Wine)

This past weekend, as a 21st birthday trip, I met up with Ashley in Napa Valley, California! We drank tons of wine, flew in a hot air balloon ride, ate some amazing food, and altogether had such a fun time!

On Saturday, we woke up a little later and decided to explore the area, starting first in Yountville where we had to try the infamous Bouchon Bakery. Luckily we made it there before the line got too long and we snagged some large coffees (much needed) and some pastries. The blueberry muffin was so yummy -- the perfect ratio of blueberries to muffin, the way it should be, with a little crunch on top. Yountville was a gorgeous little town, with gardens and wine grape vines lining the main street, quaint white houses juxtaposed with some bougie famous restaurants like the French Laundry (which is near impossible to get a reservation at, mind you, and owns a plot of land worth 3 million dollars across the street for its garden). There were cute little boutiques and arts stores and gourmet food on every corner. All in all the town is only about a few blocks by a few blocks wide, I swear, as were all of the towns up through the valley (including St. Helena) so it didn't take long to see most of the area. That afternoon we'd scheduled visits to some of the larger wineries in the area, but more to come on that later... 

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