Check This Out: Rocksbox

Hey everyone! I'm here to introduce you to this amazing jewelry service called Rocksbox, where you get a monthly subscription to receive three new pieces of designer jewelry every single month, all hand picked for you based on your style and preferences! Don't like silver and love the colors pink and blue? They'll send you jewelry that fits your parameters and goes with your personal style. You simply take a quick style quiz and then add pieces to your wishlist that you might like to try. 

If you're like me, you constantly find yourself wearing the same four pieces of jewelry, repeating your accessories ad nauseum. Rocksbox can help. If you love the jewelry you've recieved and you want to keep it, you can! But if instead you'd like new pieces, just send the jewelry back at the end of the month and they'll send you a new trio to try!

Click here to try Rocksbox and use my code to get a free one month trial:


My first month, to wear around Europe, I received two lovely Kendra Scott pieces and a Gorjana necklace. I loved my Kendra Scott earrings and necklace and I found myself wearing them a lot, though the Gorjana necklace (as pretty and delicate as it is) kept getting tangled when I would wear it. But lo and behold the beauty of Rocksbox because it gave me the chance for a trial period. I've never been great at commitment as it is, so expensive investment pieces like jewelry are difficult for me. This makes it a lot easier when I can try something before buying. So I think I'll keep the Kendra Scott things and send back the Gorjana. I'm stoked to receive my next month of pieces!

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