A Fairytale Experience

On our third day in France, Ashley and I packed up and checked out of our adorable Provençal bed and breakfast and we headed off towards our next destination -- chateau region in the Loire Valley. But to break up the drive, Ashley had researched before hand and found us a half way point in the medieval hilltop town Châteauneuf-en-Auxois where we could stop and have lunch. After a long drive and hitting some frustrating traffic around Lyon, we finally exited the highway and drove up the steep hill to the town, ogling already at just how adorable it is, with a castle perched on top of the hill as if dropped straight out of a Disney cartoon. We ate lunch at one of the small cafes (one of maybe three in the town) and then proceeded to explore. The whole time we kept saying to each other "How is this place real?" It is impossible to capture the quaintness in a photo, but hopefully some of my snaps will do it some justice. As cute as the town was, though, there was very little to do other than eat lunch, visit the historic chateau, and walk around taking some photos. But it was certainly a fun stop over point on the way to our hotel in Blois. 

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