Keep Up to Date with the Best Places in NYC with the DIDiT NY App

I'm sure everyone has faced the frustrating moment when you ask yourselves "Where should we go?!" The moment can strike unexpected, it comes out of nowhere and leaves everyone speechless in its wake. You were just innocently hanging out with your friends or texting the group chat and suddenly this existential problem presents itself to you, the undeserving victim of an endless array of choices that exist in the small space of this island city. It's a good problem to have, trust me, you just need to be better equipped to handle it. 

What I have done for years now since moving to the city is scout various sites and articles and menus and compiled my own list of "Places to Try" in the notes app on my phone, as well as a "Places I Tried and Loved" list (you can see a version of this second list here in my NYC Guide). Most of my sources are sites like Guest of a Guest, TimeOut New York, Gothamist, and the like, and most of their articles are formatted in a particular way: they are all lists. There are a barrage of articles like "The Top 10 Rooftop Bars in NYC" and "The Best 15 Garden Restaurants in New York," all of them clamoring to show you the best spots assuming that anyone has the time to access those lists at any given moment. 

What if instead of scouring the internet, texting your friends, scrolling through social media, or checking your notes app for places you've written down, instead all of those sources were compiled into one nifty app? All I can say is I only wish I had thought of it sooner. I present you with your new go-to, the social media of finding a place to go or finding things to do in the midst of New York City:

This app is awesome! It brings all of the sources I just mentioned together into one place. You can see every recommendation from those "Top 10" lists, from celebrities, your friends, and from your friendly neighborhood publishers like me. When you see a place you want to try, DIDiT lets you save it into a bucket list with one tap. You can save all of the places you want to try into easily organized lists (it's like the Pinterest for places to try) so that you can easily find your next great experience. I've already started to compile a few lists, including "Brunch," "Dinner," and "Rooftops." You can organize it however you like that makes the most sense to you! 

You can see your lists mapped out and you can easily share them with friends. You can also follow the people you care about to keep up-to-date with the spots they've been or want to try. 

I will be writing as a publisher for DIDiT, so you can keep up to date with all of my best suggestions and favorite spots as I post new lists for you to read! 

Check out my first list and follow me on the app here:

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Discover new spots perfect for you and your crew by locating nearby places on your lists or searching by category, such as "Arts & Culture" or "Food & Restaurant"!

Follow your friends and your favorite publishers to connect and see the spots they recommend or want to try. Similar to social media newsfeeds, you will see their content on your home screen so you can find great places you may also want to try!

You can share your own lists with friends and see your lists mapped out so you know where everything you want to try is located:

You can explore by neighborhood or you can search by category:

Your lists will keep you organized and always ready with new restaurants to try, new things to do, and tons of great experiences to be had:

Stop wasting your time searching for where to go and what to do and spend more time actually enjoying those experiences!