Tropical Mindset

I've been trying to make the most of the time I can spend out and about lately (broken foot and all) and that means revisiting some of my favorite spots around the city in an effort to cheer myself up. It also means that I refuse to dress sloppy because I am a firm believer that looking good can make a person feel good. Cue this tropical print romper and my new pink sunglasses -- the logic here is that I am dressed as if I could go to the beach at any moment, so maybe I can trick my brain into thinking we are going to the beach at any moment. Well it's worth a try, okay? Gotta give it a shot, I think. See also: hot pink accessories with this adorable Gigi New York Stella Clutch and Quay Pink Sunglasses, because brighter colors make you happier (really, it's science)! 

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