Trendiest Spot Downtown


Like I mentioned in my previous post, I've been revisiting some of my favorite spots in the city and NOMO SoHo is definitely worth mention. I first started going here for picture purposes -- the entrance is a great trellis covered in twinkle lights and vines -- but was quickly hooked by the great food and the lovely garden restaurant. It really is such a trendy spot that gets posted all the time by bloggers and influencers and celebs. And would you look at those pancakes! 

The first time I ate here for brunch, I got the eggs benedict, which was a pretty good rendition of the classic dish, and a parfait of homemade granola, greek yogurt, and mixed berries that was very well proportioned (I'm very particular about my granola-yogurt-berry ratio). This past visit, I ordered the baked lemon ricotta pancakes that I had heard raved about by friends and seen in various photographs as one of the most popular dishes. Well, they were delicious -- they were so thick that the texture actually seemed closer to a cake than a pancake and the lemon sauce and berries provided the perfect balance to the heavy pancake. It may appear that they are small, but boy are they filling. When I ran out of sauce and toppings per bite I gladly gave up eating the rest (I find ratio to be very important, like mentioned) about three quarters of the way through.

Yes, the food is great, but what you're really coming here for is the ambiance. Especially in the summer when the sun is shining down into the greenhouse-like space and reflecting off the shimmering chandeliers, so bright that you need sunglasses, it's a really lovely place to sit and chat and enjoy your afternoon. Stop in to relax after a morning of shopping in SoHo or for a romantic evening after a long day, either way you'll want to stay awhile.