But First, Brunch

If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you how much I love food... Like really, really love good food and great restaurants. I'm always seeking out new spots, whether for the most Instagram-worthy meal, the cutest and trendiest decor, the tastiest new food trend, the most authentic ethnic cuisine, or of course the best brunch! I just have a knack for finding awesome restaurants. I'm consistently adding to my list of NYC recommendations and I'll be increasingly updating my NYC Guide blog page (which if you haven't checked out could be super useful to you) with all my reviews! Most recently I found this great little place tucked away in the West Village called Gardënia, where upon ducking in from the rainy gloom outside I felt relieved by the respite of cheery decor and bright sunny lighting. It was a little late in the day for brunch, so I guess our meal bordered a little more on lunch, but it's a blurry line in all fairness. First I ordered a Lavender Iced Tea to sip while we waited and wow, let me just say, you have to try this place if only for this iced tea. Granted I've always loved really flowery flavors but the strong essence of lavender infused with the black tea and lemon was perfectly refreshing. To eat I got Fish Tacos (yes sometimes I'm a bad vegetarian and eat fish but oh well) and I'm pretty sure I devoured them so quickly the waiter did a double take... Perfectly flaky and white Mahi Mahi with a slight crunch of slaw topped with a tang of lime aioli, it simply melted in your mouth. I generally won't eat fish unless the restaurant seems to have prepared it in a really exceptional way -- this was definitely one of those occasions. Finally, for dessert, we split their version of an Affogato which was made with vanilla ice cream topped with the sugary cinnamon goodness of churros with a shot of espresso to pour over the top. Again, a knockout delicious dish. I would highly recommend this restaurant for some good Mexican inspired food and great ambiance!

Thanks Carter for the photos!

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