Summertime Happiness

It's such a strange shift from freshman year to now, coming home just doesn't feel the same. Most of my friends are gone, dispersed out into the world at various colleges, jobs, and summer programs, and the town just feels empty. I've taken to calling NYC home whereas I'd avidly avoided doing so previously. NYC felt so temporary and stifling freshman year and I wanted nothing more than to get out at every possible chance. Now most of my life is there. I have my apartment and my neighborhood, most of my good friends are based in or around the city, my work and school are there. I've fallen surprisingly out of touch with the Florida pace and rhythm and into the quickened beat of the big city. Nothing is rushed in Florida nothing feels quite so urgent, whereas in NYC if I'm not doing something one day I feel like I'm missing out (notwithstanding my major fomo syndrome). Obviously it's nice to have that laid back Florida vibe at times but it somehow feels more out of touch with reality, the reverse of how I felt freshman year where my whole comfort zone was home in Florida and NYC felt foreign. Now I know the streets, I get surprised when restaurants and stores close and when new ones pop up, I run into people that I know all over the city... And yet just as I'm finally starting to get the hang of it all I've only got a year left. So many of my friends graduated yesterday in Yankee Stadium and it hit me how close I am to doing the same. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I graduate, in fact I have little to no clue, but I guess I have a year to figure something out... It was definitely a perfect end to the school year though to spend it at home with the love of my life, my dog Lucky, and my mom and family. The real world is fast approaching.

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