Life is Good Today

Well, I've just finished up my last finals as a junior, which I guess means I'm a senior now... Which is honestly so confusing... When did this happen?! How did it go by so quickly? How am I possibly expected to go out and about into the real world in a year?? There must be some mistake...

As I sit here trying not to panic, I've come home to Florida for a week to take a break from the city, where I'll be spending most of the summer. I'll be working a little bit but the majority of my time this summer will be dedicated to the book that I am trying to write (more on that later) and to traveling. In fact, I'll be gone for most of July to Europe and I've got several other travel options in the works. I'm trying to enjoy my summer as much as possible while I still have some semblance of freedom. 

As a semi-native Floridian I've gotten my beach routine down to a tee so I've devised here my beach day packing list to help you have the best day in the sun and sand:

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