Merci Beaucoup

Thank you very much for beautiful bright days spent in the park with friends. As much as I am intensely passionate about the environment and sustainability I've never been much of a down-and-dirty nature girl. But I do go out of my way to try new things and gain new experiences, so as much as nature can make me squirm sometimes, I love being out and about, especially when it means taking a break from the Manhattan-bubble. Being in a concrete angular city takes a huge psychological toll; humans weren't meant to live that way. So let's be real -- why do we keep doing things that destroy our nature? If we keep it up we may only be left with curated pseudo-natures like Central Park, which while pretty as compared to the dirty streets, still leave so much to be desired. All I'm saying is that it isn't hard to make a difference in your habits in order to achieve a greater good. Here's a simple one: buy a reusable tote bag. Can you even fathom the mountains of plastic bags that are used and thrown away each and every day? You've probably seen the videos of struggling wildlife trapped in the clutches of a stray plastic bag, you may have read about the horrors of chemical runoff and air pollution from landfills and burning trash, and you've surely seen plastic bags of every shape and size littering the streets blowing idly in the wind. Just thinking about it feels like something out of a horror movie to me as a menacing background song plays in the distance... And it's such a simple solution! Get a tote bag that you can use over and over again! Here are some great chic and fashionable reusable tote bags to consider and many stores offer their own versions, including insulated options for groceries:

Whatever your style or price point, there's a tote bag out there for you to make this one simple step towards a better planet. Merci beaucoup for caring.



Thanks Lena for the photos!

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