Rope Me In

We left Key West and headed up to Miami for a few days, where we are staying at the infamous Fontainebleu Hotel. I've been to Miami quite a few times, including for spring break two years ago, but it's a totally different vibe when you're not there to party and drink and you'd rather just chill by the pool... Granted the spring breakers were, of course, everywhere in stumbling droves. Oh well, I mostly ignored 'em anyways. The best and sometimes worst thing about Miami is the heat because though it can be stifling it also allows for some really comfortable outfits. I, for one, hate the heavy layers necessitated by winter so being able to wear flowy halter tops and shorts is a wonderful reprieve. I am obsessed with this Julie Brown NYC halter top -- it's so cute and in a lightweight silk it is the perfect top for a really hot evening when you want to look nice but don't want your clothes sticking to you within 5 minutes (AKA year round Miami weather).