Fitting Right Into Miami

And by that I mean literally blending into the surroundings like a chameleon... Fun fact about me: I almost transferred after freshman year to the University of Miami. Boy did I dodge a bullet with that one and I thank my lucky stars and my intense laziness (I mainly didn't transfer because I didn't feel like completing the paperwork) for keeping me out of that. Don't get me wrong I'm sure I would've done just fine at UM, but it just wouldn't have afforded me the opportunities and experiences that living in NYC has. No place compares to New York, especially not the hot and sticky swamps of south Florida. But Wynwood is cool, so check out these pics of me... Can you spot me walking around? I know it's hard to find me cause I blend in so well but I swear I'm there if you look real hard! Spot the Em! (haha some random girls asked to take pictures with me while I was taking these pictures because they loved how well I matched -- here's to you random girls) 

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