Can't Complain

Strangely enough considering I grew up in Florida, I've never been to Key West... So it's all new for me! My mom and I drove down for a few days to chill and explore the Keys and so far it's been very laid back and relaxing, mostly just beach and food haha. We stopped on the drive down at the Keys Fisheries restaurant to try the world famous lobster reuben (recommended by Ashley) and it did not disappoint! And of course at every meal so far we've tried a new key lime pie so that we get a little taste of a bunch of different versions.

At the beach the first day, we went to Fort Zachary State Park beach and I wore my new swimsuit from Wala Swim that I won through a giveaway with Wala Swim and Lemon Stripes! It's so cute and flattering -- I can see myself wearing it all the time! So far so good on this spring break vacation! I definitely can't complain.

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